Facebook Advanced Advertising

Top 12 Techniques for Advanced Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the big daddy of Social Media and the probably the oldest social media platform. Apart from keeping in touch and interacting Facebook advertising is one of the important uses of Facebook. There are number of things you could do to correctly answer how to advertise on Facebook like optimize Facebook ads, Facebook ads manager etc.

Here are my top 12 tips to help you effectively in Facebook marketing.

Let’s begin:

1.) Use Instagram to Post Images:

I came across this idea and found it really great. I began posting images to Facebook via Instagram. This is because according to study, images that are posted via Insta get 23% more engagement. And admit it there are tons of people using Instagram so there is lot of engagement there.
You can gain more customer engagement following this technique. Engagement level of brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times higher than Twitter.


2.) Pages to Watch:

Facebook boasts an incredible feature called Pages to Watch. I haven’t used it directly for marketing purpose but it does give you some helpful perception to assist you with your marketing endeavors. All you need to do is compile a list of pages you are interested in with their analytics.
Add pages from those brands that are relevant to your niche along with a strong Facebook presence. This way you can see which posts is least and most engaging. This helps you in knowing what to post.


3.) Enough with the Hashtags:

It is not that hashtags are bad, but they are good in certain situations only. They work beneficially on Instagram and Twitter but Facebook? Not so much.
Facebook posts with hashtags received less engagement according to studies. Think of it as a quick-tip for facebook advertising. It will save you time too.


4.) Core Strategy – Video:

Video began growing in 2016 and is expected to grow huge this year as well. Video accounts for 3% of all Facebook content that is quite low. But at the same time, I got to know that it also offers you with a great chance. You grab on to lot of attention and customer engagement by posting lots of HD video content.


5.) Embed Videos Directly:

Another effective solution to your question how to advertise on Facebook is to embed videos directly on Facebook. YouTube is the biggest platform for videos and for marketing, you first instinct might be embedding YouTube videos. That is not the right move for advertising on Facebook. Videos which are directly embedded in Facebook gain more customer engagement than YouTube embedded videos. Try this and you shall see a massive rise in the engagement level.


6.) Time of Posting:

Another worthy tip for advertising on Facebook is timing of posting on social media. Even if you post an amazing blog, content, image or video it will have less impact if none of the audience actually sees it. Let me share my own experience, the best time to post is between 10 pm to midnight. Or else your post is going to do down the bottom of the news feed.
The reason for following time is that there are less people posting at that time which means less competition plus people usually use social media at night after done from job, school etc. You will see amazing results guaranteed!


7.) 150 Characters Length:

I have always believed in the statement that less is more. This holds true for Facebook marketing as well.
In terms of Facebook character count, keep it like twitter and use no more than 150 characters. Shorter posts get more engagement level than long posts. As more characters are added number of interaction decrease. Posts with 50 or less receive the most attention.


8.) CTA Buttons:

Did you know that average Facebook advertising click through rate is 0.9%? You can optimize Facebook ads by adding CTA buttons which will boost your click-through rate by 2.85 times. Think about the long term benefit your campaign can earn off of it. A small button can bring big results.


9.) Pin Posts:

Here is another great tip for advertising on Facebook. Facebook has an awesome feature of pin post on your timeline. Once Facebook users land on your page, they can see your best content/ post. It’s quite like putting your best foot forward. Find your highest quality post and see the engagement rise by pinning it to the top.


10.) Crowdsourcing:

You know about crowdfunding right? Where you raise capital by contributions of lot of people? You can do the same for efficient advertising on Facebook by crowdsourcing your key decisions like Ask the audience which colors they want to see in new collection, what should the new background or logo be? etc.
This works really well because audience feel their opinion is valued and people feel involved thus,
increased engagement. Best method of crowdsourcing? Create polls so audience can vote.


11.) 1k to 3k Word Article:

According to research, the articles or blogs that you post for promoting or advertising, long-form content works really well on Facebook. It does.
Especially if you are posts are between 1000-3000 words, these are considered ideal and get the most engagement.


12.) Question Posts:

Social media advertising and especially on Facebook are all the rage today and upon studying the posts that received the most interactions were question posts.
You need to involve your audience therefore you should post plenty of question posts and ask questions. People love to talk and voice their opinions. Using this technique is quite beneficial for your campaign as well.


Last Word:

As I said earlier that Facebook is the big daddy of social media and with so many social media platforms popping up, Facebook may get overlooked sometime. For enhanced earning, you need to optimize Facebook ads in the best manner.
Be rest assured that Facebook is not going anywhere anytime soon. In the next couple of years it shall be reaching to 2 billion users!! That is incredible if you think about it.
So go beyond the basic old-schools stuff and find the real potential of advertising through Facebook and Follow these tips and let me know did they work out for you or not?